Why some Youtube channels crush it while others get left behind

Yet again I was asked the same question I get at every subscriber meetup “Why do you think your channel was so successful?”.

I’ve been asked this question numerous times before. I stood still. I was caught off guard and was trying to think on my feet in front of 500+ young Russians in an auditorium at Moscow State University. The attendees were just a few of my 1.2 …

Hint — It wasn’t just doing laundry more often.

Photo by Ozzie Kirkby on Unsplash

It’s 2017 and I’m standing inside of a Russian detention cell at Pulkovo airport in Saint Petersburg. I overhear one border guard ask the other why I’ve been detained. The guard quickly remarks to the other “He’s got a ton of unmarked powders and drugs in his luggage.”

In actuality, those unmarked powders and pills were nutrition supplements that I had removed from their packaging and fit neatly into clear, plastic bags. Looking back, I see how unmarked drug-like paraphynalia in my luggage made me look like a trafficker. …

Justin Hammond

Hi! I’m Justin — I’m a user experience designer focused on creating frictionless user-centred design solutions with beautiful interfaces.

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