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  • Andy Chan

    Andy Chan

    UI/UX at The Iterative | Founder of Singapore’s first collegiate UI/UX student organisation | CS @ UOL

  • Bettina D'ávila

    Bettina D'ávila

    Designer, drummer & beer lover. Senior Product Designer based in Paris. Find me at bdavila.me

  • Jennifer Clinehens

    Jennifer Clinehens

    Behavior change strategist. Use science and psychology to improve design, CX, UX, marketing, habits — subscribe at https://choicehacking.com/freenewsletter/

  • Jenny Shaw

    Jenny Shaw

    Senior UX Content Producer at Shopify.

  • Alana Fialkoff

    Alana Fialkoff

    Writer, yogi, word nerd. UX Writer with Red Hat.

  • Antonia Horvath

    Antonia Horvath

    Design lead, facilitator & problem solver who enables teams to build relevant, human-centred software with amazing user experiences — in a lean & agile way

  • Lena


    I promise I’m a lot more fun at parties than these articles make you think.

  • Sebastian Straube

    Sebastian Straube

    🧑‍💻Business Agility & Product Coach 💪 Product Strategy & Product Discovery Enthusiast ♥️ Loves to build extraordinary Products 📦

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